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Welcome To POShouse.com!

Our goal is to provide the highest quality POS products at the lowest cost on the Internet. We offer high quality products at an affordable price; at POShouse.com, you can find all the products from Bar Code Scanner, Bar Code Label Printer, Receipt Printer, Cash Drawer, Touch Screen, Pole Display, to Data Collector, Magnetic Stripe Reader, Bar Code Slot Reader and Programmable Keyboard.

In any business, the customer’s satisfaction is every supplier’s main concern. At POShouse.com, we believe that our customer’s repeated satisfaction is the only way to get repeated business. That’s why our Customer Service (1-626-964-5238) is handled by highly trained and qualified employees.

We would like to become your one stop shop for all your POS product needs. We value your business. If you are a customer who wants the highest quality and the lowest price in POS products, choose POShouse.com.

Thank you very much and enjoy your shopping at POShouse.com.